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Cost of tax incentives and tax avoidance by FDIs to Vietnam

This policy brief highlights the cost of tax incentives and tax avoidance to Vietnam and offers policy options to ensure FDI without necessarily reducing CIT. The policy brief draws from a national

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Policy Brief: Rights to Information and invisible barriers

Right to Access Public Information and Invisible Barriers” is a research under the “Civil Society Empowering Rural Communities” project (Ref No: NSA 306828), funded by the European Union Delegation

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New Land Law 2013: An opportunity for ethnic minority people to escape poverty in Hoa Binh, Dak Lak, Dak Nong provinces

This study aims to examine the number of localities in Hoa Binh, Dak Lak, Dak Nong that have implemented land reform and their impact on ethnic minorities.

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AAV Endline evaluation report - Local rights programe in Ninh Phuoc District

ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) started its programme in Ninh Phuoc District of Ninh Thuan province in 2001. After 13 years of its operations AAV plans to phase out its Child Sponsorship Programme in the

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Policy Brief - Access to Social Protection of Migrant Workers

ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) report on Access to Social Protection of Migrant Workers in Selected Urban areas (2012) highlights the need to improve current Social Protection (SP) policies so that migrant

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Safe Cities for women and girls - Can dreams come true?

This survey on “Safe cities for women and girls: can dreams come true?” was conducted jointly in 2014 by ActionAid Vietnam and the Research Centre for Gender, Family and Environment in Development

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Roles Of Village Institutions In Poverty Reduction In Some Typical Ethnic Minority Communities Of Vietnam

Oxfam and ActionAid Vietnam conducted this research report to provide some policy recommendations on sustainable poverty reduction and development in ethnic minority areas of Vietnam. It recognizes


ActionAid Vietnam Country Strategy Paper 2012-2017

With this Country Strategy Paper V (CSP V), ActionAid reconfirms its commitments to be in Vietnam, to be a part of the poverty reduction and sustainable development process in country, to bring

Female and Internal migration: An arduous journey for opportunities

Migration is the consequence of development. Recent findings about migration in Vietnam have pointed out some main essences of internal migration in Vietnam including: internal migration has increased

Participatory Poverty Monitoring in Vietnam

Between 2007 and 2009, ActionAid Viet Nam (AAV), working with Oxfam Great Britain (OGB), Oxfam Hong Kong (OHK), and its local partners, carried out a poverty monitoring survey of hundreds of