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ActionAid Vietnam provides training for Local Activist Groups Against Sexual Harassment (LAGASH)

Sexual harassment, sexual autonomy and bodily integrity training for Local Activist Groups Against Sexual Harassment (LAGASH) in two garment factories, Jasan Socks and Crystal Sweater in Hai Phong

Quan Ba district residents trained to take advantage of growing tourism industry

From 22nd to 27th July 2019, an English Summer Camp was held in Nam Dam village, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province to improve English skills for tourism livelihood. The activity aimed to promote


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ActionAid Vietnam is committed to the welfare of the community it serves. A key part of this commitment is accountability, and annual reports are a small but essential part of ensuring that we are

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ActionAid Vietnam organizes concert to raise awareness of sexual harassment in workplace

On 6 August 2019 - Music event "Rhythm of Joy" – Communication on sexual harassment prevention at the workplace was held in Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh city. This event attracted the attention of

ActionAid Vietnam organizes volunteer camp at Binh Tan district

From 5th to 8th August 2019, ActionAid Vietnam cooperated with Aid for social protection program Foundation Vietnam, the Management Board of Supporting Program for Development in Binh Tan district and

Lâm Hà and Krông Bông residents trained in auditing health services

From 26th July to 5th August 2019, activity of "Social audit on health service quality" was held in 5 targeted communes of the EC4 Project in Lam Ha district (Tan Thanh and Dan Phuong communes) and

Dong Hai residents trained in disaster risk management and climate change adaptation

From 13th to 15th August 2019, The Management Board of Supporting Program for Development in Dong Hai District organized a training course on "Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation"

Cao Bang residents trained in the prevention of human trafficking

On 8th July 2019, "Building a safe community, preventing trafficking against women and children" was held in Thong Nong district, Cao Bang province. The activity involved more than 400 people, women

ActionAid Vietnam supports Children's Forum in Thong Nong district to promote safe, healthy life for children

In April 2019, "Children's Forum - For a safe, healthy life for children” was held in Thong Nong district. The activity took place over a 6 days with more than 900 students from primary and secondary

Thong Nong residents provided with marketing and business training

From 4-6 August 2019, a training workshop was held in Thong Nong district on "Strengthening and developing cooperatives and supporting the promotion of product marketing" for 30 participants from