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Trafficking of Women and Children

Report on Survey


Human trafficking is considered as a “cause triggering social erosion and collapse, deterioration of human resource of nations; hampering national development; encouraging organized crimes and weakening governments’ power”.

In order to honor poverty reduction commitments, to empower women and girl children to ensure their position in the society and help them to be entitled to rights that they are entitled to , the Women’s Rights Theme of ActionAid Vietnam conducted a survey on real situation of trafficking of women and children in several of its working areas. The objectives of the survey are to explore the current situation and find useful solutions to, along with the Government of Vietnam and the international community, carry out anti-trafficking activities, decrease quantity of smuggled women and children both in and out country through communications, raising awareness of the community and at the same time, helping community reintegration as well as empower returnees, preventing crimes and promoting overall social development.