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Result review Workshop on “Plastic Free School in 2019” in Hai Phong City

Result review Workshop on “Plastic Free School in 2019” in Hai Phong city

On the morning of December 14, 2019, Center for Poor Workers of Hai Phong City Labor Union cooperated with the Management Board of Supporting Program for Development of Hai Phong city to organize the result review Workshop on “Plastic Free School in 2019” with the support of ActionAid Vietnam. The campaign successfully launched in 08 schools of 3 districts An Lao, Vinh Bao and Duong Kinh of Hai Phong City in September 2019 receiving a lot of positive results and responded from many stakeholders, especially students. The activity not only changed awareness but also behavior, thereby changing living habits about using plastic. During the seminar, the representatives of the schools bravely shared the results that the schools achieved after the campaign. For example, Tran Tat Van Primary School integrated the city theme to build a communication program on protecting the environment from garbage, besides, the school also built a display area of art products recycled from one use plastic, which was very unique.

Ms. Hoang Thi Oanh, Teacher of Tran Tat Van Primary School shared: “After the Center for the Poor Workers and ActionAid Vietnam organized the launching event for the Plastic Free School campaign, students are the ones to be more eager than all. The children collect used plastic bottles and recycle them to decorate classrooms, which also contributes to protect the environment and clean the classrooms. Seeing the excited spirit of the children, the school and family are very happy and eager to join them in the idea of writing an initiative about reducing plastic waste in schools. Fortunately, one of the schools has received an award for initiative ideas. On this occasion, on behalf of Tran Tat Van Primary School - An Lao District, I would like to thank the Center for the Poor Workers of the Hai Phong city Labor Union and ActionAid Vietnam for making useful and meaningful programs and help students improve their awareness while learning and playing.”