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Public expenditure on education, healthcare and transportation in selected province in Vietnam: Some findings and recommendations

Public Expenditure on Education, healthcare, and transportation in selected provinces in Vietnam


Vietnam has made remarkable achievements in terms of socio-economic development during the past 30 years of Doi Moi (Renovation). However, Vietnam has been facing many challenges. Among which, accessibility to high-quality public services (including education, healthcare and transportation) of most people is still modest. For many years, the state budget has been the main financial source for these public services, yet it is increasingly difficult to allocate sufficient resources given the tight fiscal space.

This research seeks to develop a baseline on state expenditure on public services with a focus on education, healthcare and public transportation services to create a foundation for monitoring and evaluating the impacts or changes made by AAV interventions towards such expenditure within its five years of implementing the Country Strategy Paper V 2012 - 2017.