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Food Security for Small Farmers


ActionAid International is a global federation working in more than 40 countries with its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Action Aid India and Action Aid Vietnam are leading members of this global federation, which works with the vision to end poverty and hunger in the world. ActionAid aims to create a just social order with the participation of the most dispossessed, who are struggling to get the right to dignity and identity through democratic participation. In order to strengthen the grassroots work and to influence policies, ActionAid takes up research studies with the participation of civil society organisations and community. Food Security for Small Farmers: A study of public provisioning in Vietnam and India is based on research that sought to understand the status of public provisioning in the agriculture sector and food security of smallholder farmers in India and Vietnam. Inspite of the rate of increase in global food production being consistently higher than the rate of the growth of the global population, there is a crisis of food security in a large number of developing countries. Out of nearly 800 million people who do not have enough food to lead a healthy life, the majority live in developing countries, and countries on the Asian continent account for two-thirds of these hungry people. Eastern Asia and South Asia started with same number of undernourished people in 1990-92. The largest numbers of world’s undernourished people reside in South Asia (FAO, 2015).