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Sustainable Agriculture and Food security: Which way for Vietnam?


This policy brief is the result of desk as well as field research. The desk research focused on available secondary data and literature and the field research was based on a detailed questionnaire and Focused Group Discussions (FGD). Considering that agriculture related policy can be different for different states/provinces, the survey covered different locations. In Vietnam the survey was conducted in Thong Nong district of Cao Bang province, Quan Ba district in Ha Giang province, Vung Liem district in Vinh Long province and Eakar district of DakLak province. In India, the survey was conducted in Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh. The survey targeted only small land holder farmers (households with land of size less than 2 hectares). The findings of the field study are given in later sections of the policy brief.