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Sustainable Agriculture and Food security: Which way for Vietnam?

This policy brief is the result of desk as well as field research. The desk research focused on available secondary data and literature and the field research was based on a detailed questionnaire and

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Connecting people to save lives and improve disaster risk reduction in the Mekong Delta

In Vietnam, raising community awareness about natural disasters as well as community-based disaster risk management have long been identified the most effective approach to reduced disaster impacts

ActionAid Vietnam Country Strategy Paper 2018-2023

The ActionAid Vietnam Country Strategy Paper 2018 - 2023 (CSP VI) sets out three priorities for the 2018-23 period, including: improving people’s capacity to build safe communities, and adapt to

Building a safe community, preventing trafficking against women and children

The participants were informed and expanded their knowledge about the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control, the Law on Gender Equality, Law on human trafficking prevention and acts of

3-days training course on “First Aid Emergency Skills” in Nam Dam village, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province

Types of injuries that can happen to tourists and how to prevent them; emergency principles are presented in this course

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Bão lũ qua đi, tác động của biến đổi khí hậu vẫn còn đó

Tháng 2/2021, Tổ chức ActionAid Quốc tế tại Việt Nam (AAV) và Quỹ hỗ trợ chương trình, dự án an sinh xã hội (AFV) đã có chuyến nghiệm thu các công trình hỗ trợ xây sửa tại bốn trường học và cấp phát